7 Things your Boss expects you to know about top sales performance

7 Things your Boss expects you to know about top sales performance.

Top sales performance
Top sales performance- 7 top aspects

It was one such bad day when I need to meet my Boss in a quarterly review. Unfortunately, my quarterly sales figures were terrible due to multiple reasons.

I am supposed to make 25 units for every quarter, and I could not do that for a complex reason. Boss is sitting in the other room, and the team and I were outside waiting for our turn.

The reason was simple, whatever I expected to get close, did not close, and whatever I was confident, they postponed the decision. It was so unfortunate that it also demotivated me and the team for these reasons. It became a cumulative effect.

We were all feeling low, and I was worried. How will I face my Boss? I never expected this scenario where I will be the person who will be responsible for pulling the team’s performance. 

You can imagine the moments, and I had so many things running in my mind, including a voluntary resignation. Nevertheless, I picked up some courage and got into the room along with the team. Finally, what I expected did happen. Boss was in a terrible mood looking at our numbers. It is an entire firing session nonstop for 10 minutes.

We could not answer or explain any points as there was nothing to reason out. We were blamed for being overconfident and did not have the maturity to plan for lost sales in the last moments. It hit me, and I internally agreed on this in my mind, even though I did not express it.

To conclude, he asked for an unshakable commitment for the next quarter, and we said we would compensate for last month’s debacle, which is 25 units. He was not ready to trust us. He said he would take us to 5 start Hotel for a one-day stay if we do even in one number more than 25. I agreed to the open challenge and left the room.

We did it the next quarter and celebrated the moment. Even though I was in sales for a reasonably good number of years, the few tips Boss shared during the firing session were terrific, and it set a new way of making sales. So I want to debrief the same for the benefit of everyone who is looking at Top sales performance all the time.

I am consolidating this as seven essential things which are a must if you want to achieve and maintain top sales performance.

1 Keep back up of Hot prospects always.

top sales performance
Top sales performance-1. Always keep a Back up for last-minute overturns

As part of the Top sales performance, The Topmost of this in order of Priority is Back up of Hot prospects. It is important to note that every time you expect a sale to get closed shortly, you may also equally expect that the same prospect may fall out for various reasons that are not in your control at the last minute. It takes you unaware. 

Even you are damn sure about closing; this may happen due to unfortunate reasons. If this happens to all your members, it becomes disastrous.

The best thing to do is advise your team members to keep a backup for every Hot prospect to get closed. So that, if we expect three sales to be closed this month and you have precisely 3 Hot prospects, it may not be a sensible strategy.

We need to keep six hot prospects, and this will give you 100% backup. While it may be easy to tell, there is no other option except this to keep a consistent Top sales performance.

2 Judging your Hot prospects. 

top sales performance
Top sales performance- 2.Make smart judgments of your Hot prospects

The second most important thing in top sales performance is judging your prospects. Most of the time in sales, Judgement plays a key role. When you say Judgement in the context of closing, It describes questions like 

When will the customer buy?

Has he got the money arranged for the purchase, or are there still hiccups.?

Is he happy and confident about the purchase?

Are all his doubts and objections are clarified?

Do you still feel there are certain things he has not discussed the decision on purchase?

Does he have anything in his mind before he signs on the dotted lines?

We need to get positive and precise answers to all these questions. If the sales guy has clear and unshakable answers positive answers for this, it means we are clear about taking the Booking or closing the sale. Even if we have one shaky answer, we can consider the Booking can fallout or postpone.

3 Balance your Hot prospects 

top sales performance
Top sales performance- 3.Balance your Hot prospects in a right way

The third most important thing about top sales performance is Art of balancing the Hot prospects. When you feel there is a drop in the win-win situation of your Hot prospects, look at the alternatives intelligently. There are signals you may capture that the win-win situation becomes slightly off the schedule.

It will be the right time to quickly talk to the other backup Hot prospect and line up the sales process to close the backup sales.

Too much time, if you are sitting on the wall, then you may not have the time to close the formalities of taking the alternate Booking.

As we know, the review is on target and sales closures for every month, so timing is essential. We need to understand Balancing the Hot prospects in the queue to shift the sales process for closure conveniently.  

 4 Review in short intervals.

top sales performance
Top sales performance-4 Keep a close watch on your Hot and probable conversions

The fourth important thing about top sales performance is Reviewing the Hot prospects in short intervals. Typically many salespeople leave a long gap when the customers say they will book shortly. Despite being a hot prospect and the customer would have promised that he would book with us.

There is a slip between the cup and the lip. It may so happen that a competitor would have completely changed his mind. 

We may not know, and the customer would have gone into a shell and maybe thoroughly confused for various reasons.

You may not come to know about this until you call him and review the scenario.

Even if the customer says, I will come back to you. So you need to talk and understand if there is more waiting period other than what he said.

It will allow you to talk to the customer to understand the whole current scenario. Then, even if someone in between has confused him, you can straighten it out by probing the customer diplomatically.

The communication process you maintain has to be crystal clear and we need to feel confident about our customers. For more details on the communication process, you can refer here

5 Do not hesitate to ask for a Booking.

top sales performance
Top sales performance- 5.Ask for a booking- Don’t hesitate

The fifth important thing about Top sales performance is the hesitation to ask for a booking. we all know, the salespeople need to follow the ABC approach we call it Always be closing. Once the customer receives answers for all his objections and is confident about the product and purchase, he will go for the Booking.

There are situations wherein the customer may wait to check our impatience. Are we asking for the Booking?

We should be clear on this, and we are responsible for this.

We can politely ask Sir when I take the Booking?

Can I bring the Booking form?

Would you like to pay a token advance to confirm the Booking?

All these are lead questions, from where you can understand,

when will the customer confirm his Booking.

Most sales guys hesitate and postpone asking this critical question 

When can I take my Booking?

 So let us not forget this, if we want to add the Booking and improve our performance. Being a top performer is different, but maintaining top performance is essential.

6 Share a real story of a Booked customer.

top sales performance
Top sales performance-6 Tell a real Booked customer story

The sixth important thing about Top sales performance is about sharing the booked customer story. Always when the customer is sitting at the edge of the Booking process, share a strong story of an already Booked customer. It actually improves the customer’s confidence. all customers are not the same and some may need strong proof to confirm that they are buying the right product.

At this point in time when you share a real story, it improves their confidence psychologically.

One word of caution don’t create a story or do not share any false information. You can prepare your booked customer and request a reference before you share a story. Sometimes the customer may require to talk to the existing customer and you should not hesitate to share the coordinates with his permission.

I have always felt that this helps in closing the sale faster.

7  Never lose hope 

top sales performance
Top sales performance- 7.Never lose hope

The seventh and the last but not the least important thing about Top sales performance is Not to lose Hope and Never lose hope. It may look basic, but what happens to a salesperson is unexplainable. Sometimes we may keep getting into the worst situations despite all our best efforts of follow-up. Salespersons may lose hope because of some odd and unexplainable reasons,

Hot prospects may not pick our calls.

May not answer our messages.

May not also respond to our emails or audio messages.

It is understandable, when you are about to make a booking, some things that happen unusually may put you off, and you may start feeling depressed.

As top sales performers, we should never lose hope and need to auto-suggest to remain positive and calm. When you get depressed, the entire cycle will get affected.

It will even demotivate you, and your team. Owing to this demotivation and depression, We may not follow up with the other Hot prospects properly. We need to keep this in mind to remain positive always.

To conclude Top sales performance is achievable, but maintaining a top sales performance consistently requires the above aspects. In this context, it is not out of the way to give a brief definition to the related terminology which is always closely associated with Top sales performance which is called Sales effectiveness. Sales effectiveness is simply understood as Sales effectiveness refers to the ability of a company’s sales professionals to “win” at each stage of the customer’s buying process. You may refer to more details by referring to Wikipedia definition.

I would suggest going through this, here while reading this article as it may enhance your clarity on the Top sales performance is always associated closely with this.

Trust this information will enhance your skills towards achieving top sales performance and retain the achievement at all times. Stay tuned for more aspects in Top sales performance and for related topics.


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