Complete Beginner’s guide to closing sales- 10 Essentials

Complete Beginner’s guide to closing sales


Closing sales- Meaning & Background

what is meant by closing sales

Many salespeople are afraid to close the sale, and they never ask for the order because they fear rejection from prospects. Closing sales is an art and many sales people suffer when it comes to closing sales.

After making a good presentation, identifying the need, and giving a full-fledged demo and explanation to the prospect, they are hesitant to ask for the booking or close the deal. 

Some salespeople even tell prospects you can call me; I am leaving you with this information and brochure. 

However, the prospects may not call, and the closing sales may not happen.

Globally every organization pays for the results and not for your efforts.

Irrespective that you had followed up x number of times and given a presentation and made the prospect clear with the product features, it is still not enough until you ask for the order and closes the sales.

No doubts, it is vital to acquire many leads in your sales funnel, make many phone calls, touch base, and demonstrate your product to the prospect. But at the end of the day, what is most important is taking the booking or closing sales. There is no use if you unable to do a closing sales event.

Despite promising opportunities and several follow-up calls, it becomes meaningless if you cannot complete the deal or close a sale. So what matters is How do you close sales efficiently and effectively after the sales process or demonstration.

There’s nothing more important in the marketing and sales world than closing  sales; we always say ABC’s of sale – Always be closing. 

How important?

You may reach out to the best-qualified prospects in the world, and you can use so many Hi-tech automation tools, analysis and sales funnel. Still, if you can’t ultimately make them buy or bring them into your order book, it becomes a waste of energy. 

Unfortunately, as per proven statistics, 30% of salespeople say that closing sales  becomes tough day by day. Prospects know all information about the product, and either they are crystal clear in their mind what to buy? which brand? , what price? Or, in other words, fully confused. If your closing percentage is below 20% out of the hot prospects you have, then you need to improvise your closing techniques.

But, without understanding whether your solution will address prospects’ needs, you will not be in a position to close sales. So understanding the prospects needs are important.

It is the topmost priority that you must understand whether your product offers a solution to the prospect. There is absolutely no point in selling the product or service that does not address a prospect’s pain point.

1.Why closing sales is important ?

closing sales
closing sales

Closing sales is an essential part of any sales process. It is also the essence of the complete sales transaction. It is a process by which you enable the prospect to sign in the dotted line of the Order form and confirm the sales process completion.

closing sales effectively refers to the customer signing on the dotted line of the agreement completing the sale.

The ability to close sales faster becomes an evaluation of a Salesperson. 

Generally, the closing process needs to be robust and should achieve to soften the resistance of the prospective buyer and bring them to the buying situation. 

Who sees this as an opportunity ?

Most salespeople view closing as the opportunity to help a prospect with some benefit. But the prospect also thinks that salespeople are pushing me with sales. 

It is essential to understand that there is somewhere down the line; Salesmen need to bring in the closing ambiance and ask for the order?

It always looks clear that salespeople need to push a little with the prospects; otherwise, generally, prospects take more time. Therefore, understanding the right timing and diplomacy to ask for the booking and asking the prospect to sign in the dotted lines becomes the crux of sales closing.

It looks simple, but salespeople suffer from the fear of closing., in a sense, they keep postponing the closing process.

Which act decides the closure of a sale ?

Successful salespeople will say that closing the sale is relatively easy if the salesperson has worked hard to develop a relationship with the customer. But prospects, no matter how satisfied with the seller’s product and demonstration, still prospects may be insecure o in making buying decisions. Therefore, salespeople must rely on intelligent communication skills to help persuade a buyer to place an order.

Why we give Importance to closing sales?
closing sales
closing sales

The end objective of every sales process is to close. Imagine you have been only doing the act of demonstrating, explaining your product, and nobody buys your product, or you are not in a position to sell or make them buy.

What happens to the organization? The organization runs on sales revenue.

Sales are like an engine f the train. If sales do not run, the organization will incur losses and eventually become bankrupt.

It is of utmost importance that closing becomes imperative for any organization.

Sales closing is so important that nothing is as important as the closing process.

An organization that achieves number one position in the market only because of leading in sales numbers

The organization achieves market cap only by improving its sales process.

Finally, the top sales output organization becomes the Leader and number one position with their neighboring competitors.

So closing sales occupies the utmost importance for any active organization despite having the best products.

The power of any sales process is closing the sale, and precisely here, the smartness of any salesmen lies. The importance of closing the sale remains the same in every product and every situation. The context may change. The Business circumstances might change, but fundamentals like customer satisfaction, his experience in the buying process, and the relationship the salesmen develop with the prospect finally determine the sale’s closing.

You can read more here about Importance of closing sales

What are the Fundamentals of closing  sales?

Many times the salesmen do not do the lead nurturing and expect the closing to happen soon. Closing of the sale needs to be a natural process and cannot be artificial.

In other words, we don’t sell but make the prospect indirectly to Buy.

There is always a difference between selling a product and making the customer buy the product.

Every salesperson should learn this fundamental of making the prospect buy the product rather than forcefully thrust or sell the product by insisting.

Every salesperson should ask the following fundamental questions before expecting a sale closing to happen.

  • Did I discover the pain points of the prospect?
  • Did I understand the intrinsic need for buying this product?
  • Did I explain all the benefits of my products or services, and more importantly, how will it address or resolve his pain points?
  • Did I identify exactly one top reason, two top reasons, or benefits the prospect is looking for in my product from his point of view? 
  • Did I confirm that the prospect is traveling towards closing the sale at every step?
  •  Did I keep the closing as suspense at the end of the process?
  • Did I ask an intentional question to the prospect that needs any other clarification regarding buying the product or its benefits?
  • Did I make a trail closure to understand the mood of the prospect?
  • Did I finally understand his closing mood and asked him for an order?
  • Did I ask him what more needs to be explained or clarified before parting with an order?
  • What is the one thing which is still not clear before he parts with an order?

The best salespeople always look through customers’ eyes from the beginning of the sales cycle, and they put in the best efforts to ask and explain those questions which arise in every prospect’s mind.

Many salespeople do not make a good presentation, and they use all kinds of manipulative tactics to skip or dissuade while the prospect asks for objections.

They also try to lure the customer with discounts to close the sale. But in a true sense, the manipulative tactics do not work in professional selling. It is always advisable to summarize the benefits after finishing your demo or presentation and understanding the prospect’s responses. But never forget to ask for Bookings.

2.Surefire habits of Closing  sales 

closing sales
closing sales

Trust and believe the product

The salesperson has to trust the product that he sells first. He is the embodiment of the product or the services he represents or sells to a prospect. One of the best habits of the Top salespeople who close the sale is their trust in the product. Once they trust their product, their commitment towards selling the product improves. They are also able to sell confidently to the prospect, and close sales.

 Sell benefits and experiences

 You will be able  close sales only when you study and understand the benefits of owning the product and selling the product’s benefits rather than the features.

In case of this being services, sell the mere experience derived out of the product.

Prospects always understand the benefits much quicker than talking about features, as sometimes it becomes too theoretical or technical.

For example, if you ask a loyal customer why you use a particular product, they will talk about their  experience in using the  product. Therefore, it is more important when you want to close sales faster, you need to discuss on the benefits and experiences of using the product to the prospect.

Ask questions and keep listening

You will be able to close sales only if you can clarify what is there in the prospect’s mind. If the prospect does not come out with questions, you can trigger the prospect with questions and keep listening. Once you can listen patiently, you will understand what is in their prospect’s mind. It becomes a deciding factor in understanding how far the prospect is nearer to the closure of sales.

Develop relationships

Always keeping in touch with a prospect while a sale is in the process is essential. How you will strike a good relationship goes a long way in deciding the prospect gives you an order. While all things are ok, sometimes the attitude of the salesmen is not being liked by prospects. Maintaining a good relationship takes a crucial stage when the competitor bombards the prospects with discounts and schemes. The prospect will not only look at monetary considerations before closing sales but also a good relationship with the salesperson as well as with the organization.

Become a Product knowledge expert-conclusion

Product knowledge and becoming an expert in it is Sales power.

Become a Product knowledge expert- is a process and matter of acquiring knowledge continuously. It involves a passion and dedication to understand the micro aspects of both positives and setbacks and process them to position the product.

I am sure all Sales managers will have the product knowledge when they sell their products. Still, it is How each one demonstrates their excellence in the knowledge demonstrated to the prospect during the sales process that will finally decide the closing.

So be a differentiator to understand the nuances and tiny details. The customer is amazed by your expert product knowledge of  your product/Project and that of your close competitors.

Meanwhile, you want to learn more about improving your Product knowledge and improving your sales power, and there are many materials available for a theoretical study. You can refer to the following link also if you have time to spend.

Learn more about competition

Once we understand more about competition, it will be easy to handle the objections raised by the prospect. However, what happens invariably in a sales process is that the prospect compares competition products.

How do we benchmark our products against these products? Without a better knowledge about competition.

If we can honestly put forward the product’s positives compared to the competition, it becomes easy for closure.

Meet expectations of the Prospects 

Any sales process ends when the product meets the prospect’s expectations. Therefore, any sales members need to constantly attempt to fulfill the prospect’s expectations during the sales process.

Prospect will have a set of pain points and expectations, and the salesperson addresses them during the sale process. If the salesperson understands this, he will catch this clearly and will address all his expectations one by one.

The affirmations improve once the expectations get addressed during the sales process.

After fulfilling the expectations, the prospect gets convinced of the product and will go to the final step of deciding to buy the product.  Create a closing ambiance always. Salespersons always are on the agenda of permanently be closing. We know every environment, external and internal, can change. Like taxes might change, new competition may crop up, customers may get into an unexpected situation, etc. So it is essential that once the salesperson completes all objections and the prospect does not have any clarifications, the closing process needs to be triggered. 

You can read more about from my blog of Sure fire habits of Top salespeople  here.

3.Closing sales- techniques


Closing sales

Now or never closes

It is also called urgency closure. Mostly these play the psychological aspects of a prospect.

The salespeople push the prospect for signing the form by giving them an irresistible offer like the 


  • special price only today
  • something worth is free today if you buy today
  • People who buy today will get an offer on our next release

These extra discount, benefits and special offer makes the prospect to make a decision. We put the prospect into a time-bound clock to close the sale instead of allowing him to take their own time to close the sale.

Summary & conclusive closes

Here the salesperson summarizes all his activities and explains the product features and benefits in a bullet point way so that prospect gets a picture of the product and its benefits in one shot planned for the purchase.

The salesperson does this to follow the booking process after summary reiteration so that the prospect can sign the booking form.

“So we have all the rugged features for running indoors with cardiac exercise scheduler, pedometer, blood pressure/ heartbeat indicator, calorie meter, and weight reduction guide and monitor. The color is dark black with an extra 3-year warranty for the treadmill, so when can we door deliver the product, sir? Can you sign the order form here.?

In the above example, the salesman consolidates the discussion and delivers a conclusive summary.

We can indirectly assume that the prospect agrees to all the above features explained above and gives consent to buy the machine. The prospect is ready to sign the Booking Form once Prospect also agrees on the benefits.

Question closures.

It is mainly a format whereby the salesperson asks questions and clarifies the mind or status of the prospect every time he starts handling the objections from the prospect.

Once the salesperson handles and answers all the objections, it always means that the prospect is ready for closure. Then, it is time to ask for the order from the salesperson.

Generally, the salesperson asks questions like,

Are there any other clarifications you have before we conclude the order?

The prospect will ask for further clarifications if he is one or many.

Salesperson handles and answers all to the prospect’s satisfaction. Then, the salesperson again asks the same question so that he clears all the prospect’s objections. Prospect finally agrees on the clarifications of the objections.

Then the salesperson goes for the final question In your opinion, is the product offering you the solution for your problem? If the salesperson gets an answer to the question as yes, then this matches the signal or trigger for the next step of filling up the order form with a signature from the prospect. On the other hand, if this is a No, we understand why he is not interested in buying now. Maybe this will be useful for the salesperson to correct mistakes or give feedback to the company for Product improvisation.

Sharp angle closes.

There are situations wherein the prospects ask for final discounts or expect final discounts when they are ready to sign the order form.

During the sales process, they know that they are in the upper hand and can ask for further discounts.

Competent salespeople make this an approval procedure from Management, buy time, and use this opportunity to close sales. They will ask the prospect a commitment that if the discount is approved, will he be getting the order today.

They take this commitment from the prospect and close the sale. It is known as sharp angle closure.

For all the practical purposes, the salesperson will be bright and would have got a preapproval from the Management for closing this particular sale as he would have guessed the customer. But the salesperson will intentionally make it look like a special approval to satisfy the prospect. It is a popular sales closing technique commonly practiced.

The reverse closing

Here the salesperson will keep asking questions that will eliminate the negatives. Every elimination brings the salesperson nearer to closures.

Questions like 

Is it the product performance that bothers you?

Is it the maintenance cost that bothers you?

Is it the colors are not attractive?

Is it because of the new model, are you worried?

Every No the prospect says for all the typical questions above bring the salesperson nearer to closing.

Take Away Closes

It is a psychological technique, wherein every benefit you take away from the prospect, the customer will keep asking for the same.

Salesperson deliberately keeps these features or benefits up to their sleeve and uses them at the time of closure.

The popular technique is extended warranty for six months, bonus-free service, etc.

 Take away clause available only to premium clients ad will be used for closing the sale.

The customer also becomes curious about the removed benefit or the clause and becomes happy only if they are added back while they finalize the closing. The salesperson uses this trick psychologically to close the booking.

Silence closure

After the salesperson asks a closing question, there will be absolute silence. The salesperson will maintain close eye contact with the prospect. Your silence will be the decision-making process time for the prospect.

The prospect starts thinking as they need to answer your question.

Of course, the outcome depends upon the quality of the demonstration or presentation given by the salesperson.

Any matured salesperson will not break the silence here and wait for the answer of the prospect. On the contrary, after finishing all his duty, it is a high-pressure technique wherein the salesperson waits for the prospect’s decision.

4.Trial close – closing sales

The trail close always gives the salesperson the confidence to decide the prospect’s status. For example, Is the prospect is going to buy or not?

A seasoned salesperson who is always interested in closing the inquiry will always be looking for an opportunity to close permanently.

Trial closing is an effective way of getting feedback on whether the prospect likes the product’s benefits, and it brings out from his mind any objections to the product.

It is like testing his mind to buy the product and understand how close he is towards signing the order form.

Trail close gives an opinion, whereas actual and final close gives a decision.

Of course, getting an opinion that he will buy is not a confirmation as the same is not enclosed by filling up booking form or cheque, but it is still more or less close  a commitment towards  closure.

The questions for understanding the customer’s mind for a trail closure are typically like the one below.

  • What are your final thoughts about the product?
  • Does it solve your problems?
  • Which model do you prefer> Do you have any color choices
  • when you think you can give us a token advance to block your product?
  • Would you like to be delivered this product to your house, or would you like to pick it from here?

If you get positive responses to these questions, you can be optimistic about the actual closure and take the next step.

4.Ready for closing sales -signs 

Most Prospects unconsciously start giving you signals that they are towards closing sales. The seasoned and matured salesperson can catch these signals easily.

Some of the most common signals of Closing sales are 

  • they might become suddenly inquisitive and ask series of doubts 
  • If you are discussing one-to-one, they may lean forward and start focusing on your demo.
  • They may suddenly increase their voice and show some visible expressions showing acknowledgment by nodding their head.
  • They will start showing the product to their family members when a salient point is discussed ( which they are looking for ? )
  • Instead of you calling, Prospects may call you.

While discussing with you, prospects may say or question few things that can indicate that they are ready for closure.

A few of these statements and questions below may give you a clear indication of their readiness to buy.

  • I like the product?
  • Do we have financial schemes enabling the purchase?
  • How long will it take to ship OR deliver the product after I sign the purchase order?
  • What is the final price you can consider for me?
  • Do we have any special offer for full payment?

The above are few sample questions from which you can pick up the signal that the prospect is nearer to closing the sale.

All smart sales guys pick this up and ask for an order.

5.Not ready for closing sales – signals 

Despite all the efforts from salespeople, some prospects seldom decide and can never be pushed also. They give strong indications that they are not ready for closing sales.

Even hot prospects at the end of a decision point may hesitate and may change their mind and do not proceed with the sales closures.

Some obvious signals you can pick up when Prospects hesitate for closing sales.

  • They suddenly don’t respond to your follow-up calls and do not reply to your messages
  • they ask the same doubts again and again even after an explanation.
  • They say stupid reasons for delays in decision
  • They don’t involve their family in decisions.
  • They miss your appointments
  • they may suddenly say that they heard some negative news about the product, without any proof.
  • They may say that they have a financial emergency.

As for any sales members, this is usual and natural that customers do not close sales even after all the best efforts by sales persons. The only way our from this is not to waste time in thinking or conducting research more than a particular point of time . They might have even bought from your competitors after all your efforts and follow-ups. It happen. The best way to send him a great email saying thanks and unable to contact him. You can inform him that any time you are ready to restart the whole process of the sales demonstration, in case if he is coming back.

Start concentrating on the new prospect and need not worry about this. There is always a percentage of genuine reasons why they stopped the closure suddenly but may not be willing to reveal with the salesmen. Some prospects still don’t trust the product, but they don’t want to hurt salesmen’s feelings and don’t say No.

All these are part of the sales process, and salespeople need to get going. 

6.Some myths about  closing sales

The myth about ABC – Always be closing.

Even though this is a famous phrase that salespeople should always look forward to closing sales. But in reality, if you attempt to close your sales before it is nurtured, it backfires, and you may lose the order.

We need to look for the right timing and create the closing ambiance and do the closing sales.

Myths about Branded products- It is easy to close.

It is also another myth, as it is not as easy as we think as today there are so many Branded products. However, prospects do compare equivalent brands and come out with many clarifications compared to an unbranded product.

The most critical aspect of a branded product is, the expectations are more. Salespeople need to fulfill these expectations thoroughly. No one will buy the product without any questions. The job of a salesman is always the same, when it comes to closing sales .

Heavy Discounts will increase closing sales events.

Not always as customers are well informed, they want to understand why discounts are given. These days prospects are well informed, and they understand the in and out of the product before deciding. It is just a myth that salespeople can talk about heavy discounts and close the deal immediately. In reality, it does not happen.

It may happen with small value products but does not happen with high-value products.

The myth that closing sales , happen quickly when you keep highlighting the product attributes and benefits 

Salespeople always believe that by immaculately explaining all features and benefits of the product, the prospect will buy the product. But, unfortunately, it may not be the case. Therefore, the most crucial aspect is Do the salesmen understand the problem or pain points of the customer.?

The salesperson needs to identify the need for the prospect. By highlighting the attributes or benefits of the product, the prospect will not get enamored. Instead, he will buy the product only if his central pain point is addressed. Closing sales does not happen by mere highlight of product benefits.

7 . The critical questions to ask while  closing sales 

Even though we have discussed at length the closing techniques, there is no one formula or one technique for any closing sales process. Instead, it is based on the salesperson’s circumstances and relationship with the prospect during the sales process.

End of the day, the salesperson has to understand the context and ask for the order at the right time or bring in the prospect in to the closing sales event.

What is essential here is asking for the Booking . As we began this blog with important information that most salespeople do not ask for the purchase order. It is the major  challenge faced by most salespersons. Closing sales is an art .

Also, they do not know How to ask the relevant question for closing sales.

The right question gives you an idea , how much does customer decide for closing sales.

Some of how you can ask for an Order are as below. While it is true that you can ask or frame your questions accordingly based on the scenario, still some questions are common and can be asked in any situation.

  • After seeing your best impressions about the product, can I collect the booking form from you today?
  • Thank you for your time and appreciation. Can I take your signature on the booking form now?
  • Why don’t you give it a try by booking today?
  • Are there any more clarifications pending before you go ahead with the Booking form?
  • When do you want the product to be available at your home?
  • Can I take an advance cheque for your acceptance of the booking?
  • Before the scheme ends, can I make the booking now?
  • Would you like to send the purchase order by mail, or do you want me to collect it in person.?
  • When can I call you tomorrow to confirm the purchase?
  • Do I need to hold this specific product until I get a yes from you in email?

The above questions are not exhaustive, and you will get to learn to ask more perfect questions, which can initiate a perfect booking. It comes with experience and maturity after seeing many sales prospects.

8.Take feedback to improve your closing sales

The most crucial aspect of any sales process is whether salespeople take a booking or lose a booking. So for any salesperson, there is a learning in both.

While a take a booking, analyze how you took this booking.? What strengths are well played or which helped you make the booking in the context of customer expectations?

If you have lost a sale, think and research the top three reasons for losing the sale. For all, you know he may not be your cup of tea. Many times we forcefully sell to a prospect who cannot be a customer for specific, clear reasons. But after spending our time and energy, we understand this only when the sales do not get closed.

Always we learn from our sales bookings which are lost. Professional salespersons always do a lost customer analysis.

It gives us great insight and knowledge to understand the customer and strengthen our skills to approach and understand a prospect.

Our sales velocity improves because we become good in closing. As a result, the average closing to prospects ratio will improve, or in other words, our conversion ratio improves.?

Some pertinent feedback questions to prospects to improve your sales closing efficiency

Usually, you can ask the feedback immediately after you collect the booking form from the prospect, or you can arrange to send the same by mail. But it needs to be done as early as possible. The prospect loses interest if the same is done after a month or so. So the ideal time to take feedback will be immediate or the next day.

How did you compare the competition while you decide on the product? or during closing sales?

What are the top three things which made you close the booking with our company

Which area of our presentation would you suggest to improve our closing sales? Would you recommend us to improve?

What is one top reason for you to select our product?

On a rating of 1 to 5, where one lowest and five highest, what is your rating towards customer experience?

Would you recommend our product to any known friend of yours? If No, why?

When you take genuine feedback and do a study on the same, We can improve the closing efficiency.

9 FAQ’s on closing sales & Experts answers

1.When does the closing sales journey start?

The customer is satisfied with the demo and has no clarifications , the closing sales journey is initiated. The sales executive  should ask the leading questions to close the sales.

2.How to improve closing sales ?

One of the popular strategy to improve closing number is once all the sales objections are cleared , create a sense of urgency by offering one of these like price discount,Limited period offer, weeks or Days special offer , Free articles along with sale, extended warranty etc. so that the customer is enabled to take a quick decision to sign in the dotted lines.Eventhough there are many methods to improve closures , the above are popular methods to close quickly.

3.Is closing costs are included in selling expenses?

Yes , any closing cost is included  in the sales expenses as sometimes these can be heavy to clear inventory and  to push sales velocity. In a regular retail goods company closing cost is included as part of marketing budget . Provisions are given for sales promotion and discount schemes.

Whatever efforts you put in and give the prospect the best sales process experience, the prospects buy and sign the Booking form only when they determine and decide on closing sales.

4. Why sales men are afraid to close the sale?

It is always the fear of rejection and drop out of a customer disturbs every salesmen after all the efforts. This can be overcome by two ways . One is to be mentally strong and be confident about your efforts second is to always believe , that with all follow ups and good explanations , prospects buy only when they decide to buy. Seasoned salesmen understand this and go-ahead and ask for the booking and never get upset if prospect drops out.

5,What are few powerful phrases to be used for closing by salesmen?

There are many powerful phrases , and few of them are

Whose name , do i have to invoice the product?

Before I take the booking form , Have you understood the total cost or do you have any clarifications?

When do you want the product to be shipped ?

Do you have any color choice , before we raise Invoice?

How do you want to take delivery , in person or to be delivered at Door step?

Can we take this forward for processing ?

What amount would you like to pay as Token advance for booking the product?

5. What are four modern types of closing techniques?

Question closes, soft closes. assumptive closes & Take away closes( Please refer the blog contents for details )

Detailed information read here

6.What is one popular and powerful technique to close a tough customer?

Tough customers are always egoistic , so do not show your dominance, and keep always control on your conversation. Normally it is  more psychological  attitude of sales men wins deal with tough customers.

7.How to sell without being push with the prospect ?
  • Always never show anxiety
  • Don’t keep talking about your product
  • Don’t be always pushing him for Booking?
  • Instead of statements ask questions and understand his mood.
Some hard truth about closing sales

Do not sell any product to a prospect; always make them buy. This methodology is smart selling and the essence of closing the sale.

You will realize that you will improve your conversions  or closing sales events ,by listening to the prospect rather than talking to the customer.

The secret to closing sales  faster is to establish your relationship with facts and honest selling. Every prospect is intelligent; They do not believe in your gimmicks to consider a Booking.

You will be able to ask for a Booking or closing sales  only when you believe in your product.

You will improve your closing when you understand the competition more than anyone in the field.

Great salespeople who are good at closing  sales must be good relationship builders.

You will never be able to close sales , if you have not faced rejections and lost sales.

10.Conclusion- closing  sales.

Every Boss looks at Top performance from sales team , you can read more of the same from here.

But for Top sales performance , closing sales is vital.

Closing sales is seen as the final Cherry on top of the cake. No organization can survive without efficient sales bookings or successful closing sales events. Every salesperson is part of the sales engine, and he must drive the engine efficiently. The fuel is the sales closures.

It may look for a salesperson, the booking is just a target, but for the organization, it is revenue; it is an addition of one valuable customer.

A good sales professional always reassures the prospect after closing sales, that the customer has made the best decision. by closing sales with this particular product or Brand. He keeps them in contact and reaffirming his and the company’s commitment towards the customer. In summary, once a good presentation and a demo are given, closing the sale is the essence of the entire sales process. I am sure you will consider different ways, techniques, and relevant information in this blog on sales closures.

Closing  sales is always a process of mutual consent and can never be one-sided. Stay tuned for more informative content.





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