How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life ( 5 reasons)

How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life( 5 reasons)


How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life
Boult audio ProBass curve-Image  courtesy-

How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life( 5 reasons)

Background- Headphones and earphones-(Boult audio probass earphones)

If you are currently reviewing this blog , there is an excellent chance that you may be wearing the headphones or earphones or the device might be at an arms length from you. As the saying goes the Headphones have changed the world we live . Head phones have changed the audio Industry. Headphones have changed the music world and we can keep saying on earphones and headphones so on and so forth. As popular saying goes-

The triumph of headphones is that they create, in a public space, an oasis of privacy

Staring from wired to Bluetooth , they are with so many model , so many features one does not know how to choose the earphones or headphones.

The popularity of headphones and earbuds has soared—and the market is projected to grow 20 percent a year in the next five years.

Looking at the evolution of  earphones in the last 130 years ,Back in the early 1890s, headphones were single-sided, heavy speakers that people would hold on to an ear to communicate.

How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life ( 5 reasons)
The first pair of headphones that have ever been seen were back in 1881 which were used by telephone operator women which was a one piece that rested on their shoulders that would also weigh over 10 pounds. Image courtesy-

Then it reached a second stage in evolution  something known as an ‘Electrophone’. It was a system consisting of a stethoscope-shaped headphone connected to a switchboard. Using this setup, the people around London could tune into live performances happening all over London.

When the developments on the earphone Industry was slow and not phenomenal. But  Introduced In 1979, Sony’s Walkman was a portable stereo player. The unique bit – it came bundled with their first portable headphone, the MDR 3L2.This became a mile stone in the Headphone Industry. Sony made headphones portable for the first time with their cassette player, the Walkman, which sold over 400 million units.

How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life( 5 reasons)

Basics on Headphones and earphones.


Though these terms might often be used interchangeably, headphones are designed to be worn on or around the head of a user’s ears, while earphones/earbuds are inserted into the ear canal. So which is better? Like anything, it’s a matter of preference.

How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life ( 5 reasons)
headphones vs earbuds difference-Image

The main difference between headphones and earbuds is that headphones are worn over the ear.


Unlike headphones, earbuds are inserted directly into the ear canal. They often come in various sizes

As the fashion turns to influence the world,  headphones took birth, too. The neckband design for headphones became a fashion product with a stylish curve around the neck.

These neck band earphones are coming with Bluetooth technology and becoming trend of the day .

One day I lost my near and dear Sony earphones . I was using it for more than three years and it was working fine. It is so unfortunate , when i went out on a week end , some where on the way I had dropped it and could not retrieve it back.

I was so desperate to get another immediately , as I found heavily handicapped without my old earphones.

I was making a lot of research and some how I did not want to buy the same Sony brand ,as in todays world you have lot of new age brands.

This article came out of my research and I would like to discuss and review on a new Brand called Boult which is in trend with my thoughts on quality, style, design features, and price. Refer more about Boult here

What is Boult audio probass earphones? Introduction

Product specification and dimensions -(Boult audio probass earphones)
How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life
How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life. Image Courtesy- Boult product page in native site and in

courtesy- boult product picture in the digital landscape

Product Color: Black

Compatible Devices : Mobile, Laptop

Package Content: Curve earphones, 2 extra pair of earbuds, Charging Micro USB cable, User Manual

Network Connectivity Type: WIFI

Wireless Technology :Bluetooth

Built in Microphone: Yes

Type of Headphone: In the ear

Volume Control: Yes

Noise Cancelling: Yes

Headphone Type: Behind the neck

Charging Time: 1.5

Product weight In Gms: 100

Product Dimensions (L x H x B)in Cms:1.5 x 18 x 11

Package weight In Gms: 300

Package Dimensions (L x H x B)in Cms:5 x 18 x 24

I would like to welcome you to the world of Boult products which are made in India , Newdelhi and an upcoming company in the world of Audio products .Boutlt Audio Curve is a Durable Flexi-band- The light yet sturdy, neck band can drape comfortably across the neck with supreme comfort and in-line controls.

What are the features of this product?(Boult audio probass earphones)


  • The light yet sturdy, neckband drapes across the neck with supreme comfort. Snug fit & smart lock prevents it from falling off, even when you workout .
  • In-built Micro-woofers produce a deep thumping bass, balanced by crispy highs and stable minds.
  • Premium & durable magnets, attach the two earphones together when not using them.
  • Incredibly crystal clear high resolution audio with HD audio and surround sound.

What are noteworthy features of the Product ?(Boult audio probass earphones)when I start using the product , one thing I found amazing about the product is the retention power. Its has a long battery life. It has phenomenal power capacity  in its  powerhouse, Offers playback time of up to 8-10 hours for every charge. Takes 1-1.5 to get fully charged and it has 1-2 days of stand by. In addition to this few  exciting features of this product are as below .

  • Off-Axis magnetic technology – Oval-shaped earbud with nozzle angled at 60 degree tunnels the sound directly into the ear canal, also providing noise isolation
  • Magnets: Premium and durable magnets, attach the two earphones together when not using them.
  • Durable Flexi-band- The light yet sturdy, neck band can drape comfortably across the neck with supreme comfort and in-line controls.
  • Noise Isolating Aerospace Grade AL Drivers – Curve comes with Built-in micro-woofers that produce a deep bass, isolating noise in any environment.
  • Micro-woofer Drivers – Robust aerospace grade AL alloy encased over micro-woofers that provide crisp deep bass for bass heads, crystal clear highs and stable midst.[IPX5 water resistant]- earbuds and charging case inner Nano-coating makes it possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. Ideal for sweating it out at the gym. Even Wash the earbuds and base Designed with latest Bluetooth 5.0, the wireless earbuds own fast and stable transmission without tangling. Improved high quality mic for both earbuds bring a better call performance

As I am using this product for the last two months ,In my view the incredible thing  about all these features is the price at which is comes which is a steal , considering all the features.

Who can buy this product and found it useful(

Boult audio probass earphones)

How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life ( 5 reasons)
Athletes will find it useful- Image courtesy- canva pro
  • I found the neck band obviously is so light and this product is a direct fit to athletes. You can just wear it on the run , on the move.
  • Of course all the people who are on the move will love it as the Noise cancellation is excellent and you really need not worry about mike also.
  • Music lovers  and amateur singers can definitely hear a beautiful music
  • Even senior citizens will find it very useful as the product is light and does not strain your ears

How do you use the product

(Boult audio probass earphones)

Product packing comes with a user manual and it is very easy to use and pair the product with Bluetooth. Switch on the blue tooth of any device where you want to use Boult and just press the center button long , it gets paired automatically. The voice command for power on , Boult is paired will guide you to make you understand .

May be first time you need to charge the product the Boult audio probass earphones. The charge retention comes to approximately 9 to 10 hours .

You have red indicator for charging and turning to blue shows your Boult is charged. It is as simple as that. I have never faced any technical glitch. It comes with a charging USB cable and just need to connect the device end plugged in using the cable to any standard USB charging port.

The charger cable port in the devise has a dust cover so it can be flipped to close once the charging is done.

Handling the device like charging , power on, power off, etc. are pretty simple and anyone can do that .

In my opinion , the Boult audio probass earphones is a user friendly devise and do not give you any hassles in usage or while charging.

What is the edge over competition -5 reasons

(Boult audio probass earphones)

Tough competition is being observed in the budget segment. Brands have turned their focus towards ‘value for price’ products. This has led to an overflow of products in-line. Making an informed choice in such a scenario becomes essential.   Boult Audio ProBass is launched in an awesome   low price range.

During my research in to Amazon reviews ,in  Wireless category of earphones, I found Boult audio probass earphones are  bestsellers with thousands of 4 to 5-star ratings on Amazon and Flipkart in India. Positive reviews  made me to hit the BUY button.

I was able to understand five compelling reasons to prefer this product compared to others including the offer price . The same is listed below. In my opinion it is a blue tooth luxury at an affordable price range.

All the variants with minimum changes in few features are priced between Rs1000 toRs1400

I will say edge over premium branded products is the Price Boult offers.

If not all, with almost most  of the features  with Top and premium products , when compared with Boult audio probass earphones , this product is offered at an affordable price which makes the competition non existent for this price range.

How Boult audio probass earphones can help you live a better life ( 5 reasons)
5 compelling reasons to select Boult-Image  courtesy- Canva pro

while we talk about all good reasons to buy , if you ask me , if there is any negative point , I will only say that i found connecting the USB charging cable is little tricky. It is not smooth and it requires , holding the neck band in the right position and inserting the charger cable. The dust cover is also not a snap type but flexible so for me it is slightly tricky.

another point is they could have provided a pouch to keep it safe and comfortable as a free item , which they have not done. When we take it out , its a challenge to place it in your bag. Better to wear it instead of keeping it in travel bag or office bag.

Of course the positives outweigh few negatives which are minor and it is definitely not a show stopper to purchase

Conclusion- why you should prefer boult audio probass earphones

We some times don’t know how much better life can get with a pair of proper headphones until we buy one and experience it .Especially if you are in a sales conversation, long webinars , office conferences the quality of sound matters to ensure you hear the speech precisely.

In case of Business communication , it becomes tricky , if your audio quality is bad for any reasons .( especially when you are on remote management of jobs ) Also when you are outside and there are external noise the quality of your earphone matters .

Only a good earphone which has a noise cancellation capability can deliver quality sound.  A pair covering your ears provides utterly different sound quality and makes the conversation or a  whole musical experience more satisfying for your ears and soul.

I can typically take an example of a travelling sales man who continuously answers his phones on travel and here the Boult audio probass earphones comes handy to him and makes his life much better in terms of sound quality and charge retention also.

Secondly there people hanging out outside who listen to long hours of music as well as people who are in the tele calling or in professional work where they wear earphones more than three to four hours daily.Ther is always a fatigue to your ears if we don’t use a proper earphones.

Boult solves this problem with a reasonably good noise cancellation circuitry as well as comes with an affordable cost . I call this as affordable luxury.

Availability-Boult audio probass earphones

As we all know these products are very much available at Amazon and flipkart and other retail large electronic stores.

If you want a quick product reach , click below to reach the current product page available at Amazon.

I am sure , if you are suffering from a defective earphone , try the Boult audio probass earphones and enjoy your conversation and music in hands free mode.

we will discuss more on this blue tooth earphones in our next blog , until then stay safe and stay tuned.

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