4 powerful concepts in Communication barriers

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Communication barriers

In today’s context of the covid situation, we can explain the Communication barrier in a simple way

Like closed office spaces, social distancing and remote working are considered as best examples of a type of communication barriers. Even though we are replacing this situation by way of online communication still this social distancing has become a communication barrier.

4 powerful concepts in Communication barriers

  1. The definition and meaning of communication barrier
  2. Practical examples of Communication Barriers
  3. Types of Communication Barrier
  4. Overcoming the communication Barriers

communication barriers

Communication barriers- Definition

As per definition, a Communication barrier is one or many factors that affect the flow of communication from the sender to receiver or from one person to another person.

Communication barriers also affect the message being received it is called a communication barrier or in other words barriers to communication. This can be one main barrier or can be many also.

We can talk about many live examples of Communication barriers that affect our normal conversation.

The definition of the communication barriers is also well explained in the following blog, Please click here for more information. I would like to refer this with courtesy to the published author


What are communication barriers

Few examples of the Communication barriers

You would have seen when entering certain restaurants, you will find the heavy noise where people will be so loudly talking, the family at the other table will not be able to talk to each other. Even though some people benefit from this as they usually have a loud voice and do not mind shouting and talking while the majority of us find it uncomfortable to communicate with the other person. The Noise which is beyond an acceptable level becomes a communication barrier.

In the same way, when we are distanced from each other and we are not able to communicate properly, too much physical distance also results in a communication barrier as the person at the other end, is not able to understand what we are trying to say.

Sometimes we have an emotional background also a communication barrier. For example, we really wanted to give our feedback but just because of our internal fear, that we communicate we may be misunderstood, which prevents us from communicating with one or another person.

This happens normally in Office meetings where there is a superior involved and he converses with us on a particular subject. , and we find some of the points which had mentioned are not acceptable to us. Still, we keep silent, because of the fear of conversing with our superior. The feeling of getting rejected prevails here so we keep our self non-communicative.

We can say so many examples which become a factor communication barrier in our personal life as well as occupational life. There are personality factors also strongly associated with this, where certain people are hesitant to talk, certain people are hesitant to write and some people are hesitant to do both. They have a natural barrier in communicating with the external world.

Communication barrier becomes important in a contextual situation when there is an important message to be communicated and because of this hindrance, or anything which affects the flow becomes a deterrent in conveying the message. There are also situations wherein because of the noise around the message conveyed wrongly or understood wrongly.

All these form part of Interpersonal communication.

Interpersonal communication

So what is Interpersonal communication, it is nothing but the communication which happens between different people and it is complicated as it involves the personalities. When there are too many people involved , it becomes more a challenge.

As per Wikipedia Interpersonal communication . It is considered as an exchange information between two people .It is basically a combination of verbal and non verbal cues which are used to communicate effectively and are useful in achieving their goals. For detailed information on the same you can refer the link below .


Effective Interpersonal communication has several advantages

  • Information is effectively communicated
  • This results in influencing people when used positively
  • Improves coordination and relationships
  • It is useful in Decision making
  • It can empower people and make them motivated
  • It is useful in understanding the demands and needs of others
  • It is useful to improve our emotional support required in any challenging circumstances
  • It improves your Power and authority

Overall Interpersonal communication is a skill which we need to learn and it is very useful in our life . It is very useful in Office environments when you manage a team, and you need to interact with many members .The effective interpersonal communication skill gives you communication leadership, and helps you achieve your goals in an organization.

Read more at: https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ips/interpersonal-communication.html

 Communication barriers & Interesting examples

  • Too much information being exchanged

  • Emotional disconnect

  • Biased opinions

  • Perception by both sender and receiver

  • Pronunciation clarity

  • Gender difference

  • Lack of subject knowledge

  • General lack of understanding of the context too much information being exchanged


  • Too much information being exchanged & communication barriers

We have live examples for each of this, like when we communicate with someone, we sometimes want to communicate whatever we know and we never communicate in the order of priority or order of importance, this becomes a communication barrier as a whole as the person at the other end missed the main point.

  • Emotional disconnect & communication barriers
    & communication barriers

Some days and in some situations, we are not in our moods. All of us have mood swings and this becomes a communication barrier as we refuse to understand comprehend what is being discussed with us.

we fail to take the essence of the communication and even though the subject is interesting because our emotional balance is not well established in a particular period, this becomes a communication barrier and we fail to understand whatever is communicated to us.

  • Biased opinions
    & communication barriers

There are certain situations we work on perceived concepts and biased opinions about certain subjects. When we travel on this, we become judgmental and look at or listen to any communication with a shade of Bias in it. The core aspects of what is being communicated are lost when we are biased.

  • Perception by both sender and receiver
    & communication barriers

There are situations wherein, even though we communicate, we convey our points with a particular perception and the points may reach the other end of the receiver in a totally different perception. This may lead to total misunderstanding. The message is perceived wrongly.

  • Pronunciation clarity
    & communication barriers

In fact, the receiver says many times, I have understood like this whereas the sender will say, No what I meant was different. This is a common scene in the office environment when the perception is wrong by both sender and receiver.

  • Gender difference
    & communication barriers

We have found on many occasions that language and pronunciation make a lot of difference when it comes to communication clarity. When this is not there this becomes a communication barrier as people don’t understand what we are trying to say. We found this when people don’t understand each other’s language, they are unable to communicate with each other.

  • Lack of subject knowledge
    & communication barriers

Also, there is a situation where people feel shy when there is a gender difference like male feels comfortable communicating to male Boss rather than a female Boss. Even though we say these are to a larger extent reduced nowadays, but the comfort factor is not there with all. People do not approach the other person when there is a gender difference out of comfort factor or shyness or for other reasons well known to them.

Whatever we communicate, the degree of expertise in a particular subject is very important. When we don’t have expertise in the subject, we are trying to communicate, obviously, we find that we don’t have powerful communication, or rather we don’t communicate confidentially.

This lack of subject knowledge or expertise becomes a deterrent and becomes a communication barrier as we are unable to explain or communicate clearly.

  • General lack of understanding of the context too much information being exchanged
    & communication barriers

There are situations, wherein people don’t understand the background of the situation and will communicate the subject without emotion or modulation. The communication does not reach others is not taken seriously because the person himself has not understood the context of the subject matter.

the process of communication is also a deciding factor for communication barrier to exist and many times the basic process of communication is not understood and this creates confusion. To read more on this refer to the link below.


It is also evident that Business communication is so important that the barriers in Business communication will affect the performance of the company.

As we all know that Business communication clarity is essential for achieving the Goals of the teams and in turn this may lead to achieving the Goals of the Organization. This also aligned with the Vision of the company. If you are interested in reading more on this refer to my blog below.


Types of Communication barriers

communication barriers

Language  Barriers

Language is one of the powerful tools in communication. When there are different languages operated by the sender and receiver, there exists a communication barrier., when the language is not understood. As we all know even when we go to another country, we face the same problem when we are not able to communicate in the same language or we don’t know the common language to communicate.

Interpersonal communication Barriers

when two people communicate , there is an interpersonal connect. When two people have different personalities, ideas, knowledge level and perception this becomes a challenge to communicate effectively. The inter personal communication barriers become complicated when more people are involved in the communication.The personality of a person becomes a deterrent for communication, as we all know there are different types of personality among us. For example, an Introvert never wants to communicate and is reserved. While there is nothing wrong with this, but still when it comes to communicating anything important through him, and there are no choices then it becomes a challenge. This becomes an effective communication barrier.

Cross-cultural communication barriers

This is an exclusive type of barrier, which exists when we have different people of different cultures work together. Obviously, the personality, language, and attitude of everything is different, and it puts all the people in different perspectives. Unless there is a systematic orientation for this group, it becomes a challenge and eventually results in a communication barrier. This situation is best handled in Global multinationals where people from different cultures work together with a common objective. Of course, it goes without saying that the Global HR team works on this to effectively resolve this cross-cultural communication barrier.

Emotion and Psychology based communication barrier

while every human being has different emotional factors like anxiety, frustration, anger, restlessness, stress, etc. End of the day How they handle these while they interact with the other person results in Good communication. If not the same will become the deterrent and results in tough barriers in communication.

Similarly, people have Psychological factors like depression, fear to speak in public, Dais fear, shyness, Inferiority complex and Depression, etc which are not conducive for an effective communication process. It puts them through a showstopping attitude and becomes a communication barrier. while it is important that there are no fixed solutions for the same, it can be easily overcome, once the person is aware of his challenges and goes and takes up a systematic way of winning them.

Overcoming communication barriers

Active listening

The most important aspect of communication is listening, most of us would like to communicate but would not like to follow Interactive communication. What is Interactive communication?. It is always waiting for the receiver to understand our communication and listens to their queries before you start communicating again.

Even though it looks very simple, many of us do not have active listening and always work towards completing or finishing the communication. Essentially we want to communicate or speak but do not want to listen.

This becomes a big barrier as the receiver is unable to understand what you communicate, and in case he wants to give you feedback or want to convey his views we are not ina position to listen to the same.

So the answer to this do active listening and this will solve your communication barrier.

Prepare yourself before you communicate

The most common mistake done by many of us are we do not  prepare what to communicate because of either over confidence or just because we are positive about the whole thing. It is always strongly suggested , that we do maintain a check list before the whole communication process and ensure the same points are communicated. This results in misunderstanding and points which may be accidentally left out.This may result as a communication barrier.

Be brief ad understand the tone and Modulation

It is again too much information results in Information overload and results in blockages from a receiver listening or capturing all the points. It is a good practice to make it as brief as possible so that the subject matter is communicated.

The tone and modulation of our voice is most important when we communicate. There are occasions , because we do not communicate firmly certain messages are not taken seriously. The tone and modulation of our voice plays a major role.

The same is true , while we follow written communication also. Choice of words determine the delivery of the message as casual, routine , serious and most important. we can convey so many attitudes , while we communicate.

It is important we choose the right tone and modulation for the right context. Wrong or imperfect use of the same may result as a communication barrier.

Be vigilant on the consistency of communication

When we communicate, some times we loose the thread of consistency. This happens when we have a routine or periodical communication , where we miss out on what we said in the last meeting.This puts the receiver in loss of direction. It is important that we need to maintain the consistency of the information.

Be sure about getting feedback

Always in every communication , the feedback is very important. When we say feedback , it is not required that we wait for a feedback , instead we ask for a feedback.The typical questions can be like

  • Has my communication is loud and clear?
  • Has anyone has any doubts?
  • Can some one explain what I had communicated , so that it is clear?

These are reassurance questions which can be asked so that we do not end up assume things that it is communicated properly, instead we really confirm that the communication is received perfect.

Understand the audience

last but not the least , the communication need to be audience oriented. We need to plan the contents, depth and method of communication depending on the profile of audience. This will completely remove the barriers of communication.

Trust the above contents have been useful to you and we will be connecting with more interesting information with the similar context. Please feel free to give your feedback and let me know your favorite topics in this subject in the comments section , so that the same can be discussed.







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