Business communication strategy

Business communication strategy

Background and meaning of Business communication strategy

Business communication is always implemented with a  strategy and a detailed plan of action. Before we dive deeper into Business communication strategy, we will understand the meaning of each and every aspect of business communication strategy.

Business communication strategy meaning

Business communication strategy is nothing but a set of planned actions or steps which are prepared to meet a particular goal or objective of the Organization. Every Business organization will have an overall goal in terms of Profits, revenue, and sales as main Goals ‘These are called generally as Desired outcomes of the organization and the Business communication strategy defines the outline and methods to achieve these goals.

Business communication strategy
Good Business communication strategy decides the success of the Organization

In this changing corporate landscape, The perception between Brands and consumers are fast-changing, it is important to understand what does the customer want and How the brand should communicate.

The product may all good features, but if the Brand fails to communicate, it becomes a challenge to improve sales. The understanding of a Business communication strategy starts with the clear outline of a plan of action that will drive the communication strategy of the company towards its vision.

The customers and other stakeholders form an integral part of the communication. we communicate well so that the customer understands and more important through the Business communication strategy we are able to achieve the targeted vision of the company and always keep in alignment with the goals of the company.

As we are in an attempt to explain in detail about Business communication strategy, we need to understand the basic elements in this.

Business communications strategy meaning and definition

We will be discussing in this blog ten important aspects before we understand how to effectively create a Business communication strategy and what is the importance of each.

  1. The meaning and definition of Business communication strategy
  2. Process of Business communication
  3. Meaning of Business communication
  4. Importance of Business communication
  5. How to improve Business communication?
  6. Some key  benefits of effective Business communication
  7. What is a strategy and How is it important for an effective Business communication
  8. Communication strategy
  9. What is the difference between a communication plan and a communication strategy?
  10. What are the types of communication strategies?
  11. What is the strategic communication plan?
  12. Corporate communication strategy
  13. Marketing communication strategy
  14. Integrated marketing communication strategy
  15. Ethics in Business communication


1Meaning and Definition of Business Communication strategy.

The Word Business communication strategy consists of three important words

  1. Business
  2. communication
  3. strategy

The word Business as we all know is the commercial aspect and always involves generating revenue, profits and finally meeting the Social goals.


Communication as the word implies the art of exchanging information in any form verbal as well as nonverbal

Communication as a process has basic elements and has a process attached to it. What you communicate, How you communicate, and when you communicate the matter to reach your goals and ensure the message is well received, whoever may be the intended receiver.

In any Business organization, this forms a major aspect as the stakeholders are employees, customers, and other vendors and partners who are associated with an Organization. We need to communicate the right content, at the right time to the right people.

The company goals need to be kept in mind, and every stakeholder connected with the organization has to understand the communication .we cannot communicate anything which is not aligned with what is expected from the company Goals.

Communication is a process and the basics of communication need to be understood before we form a strategy or a plan of action to communicate. More details on this can be read in the below link.

Read here for  more information about

Communication Process


2.Process of Business communication

Business Communication is the anchor of every communication inside and outside the organization. There are innumerable benefits derived from proper Business communication.

3.Meaning of Business communication

It is a systematic way and process of exchanging or sharing information inside the organization like between the employees of the Organization, and also to outsiders of the Organization. Effective Business communication always has to meet out the Goals of the Organization.

Effective Business communication can lead to a lot of benefits and it directly results in improving the productivity and smooth working of the organization.

you can refer more to Better workplace communication. This blog explains you well, please go through it when you have free time.

4.Importance of Business communication

The main objective of Clear Business communication is to improve the best practices inside the company and to avoid employees are working in silos. It is also important to improve productivity and make employees work in alignment with organizational goals.

Effective Business communication can lead to the achievement of the Goals of the organization.

5.How to improve Business communication?

The company needs to adopt a well-driven plan of action which in other words called a Business communication strategy, which will drive the Goals of the organization through a structured communication model which involves all best practices in Internal as well as external communication. Internal communication is between the employees of the organization and external is communicating with customers and other stakeholders of the company.

6.Some key benefits when it comes to effective Business communication.

  • It improves the Brand image of the Organization
  • It enhances the Productivity
  • Employees develop trust and confidence in the company
  • Every employee develops loyalty and improves creativity
  • Smooth working relationships
  • customers and other stakeholders feel confident in the company

You can read more on Business communication in my blog link below

7.What is a strategy  and  How strategy is important for an effective Business communication


Strategy by definition is a planned set of actions to achieve a goal.  More elaborate definition can be read from Wikipedia

Business communication strategy

Business+ communication + strategy
  • Every Business has set of  Goals
  • Every Organization has a style of Communicating as per policies of the Organization
  • Every strategy is based on a set of planned activities and oriented towards achieving the Goals
  • Hence a Business communication strategy for every Organization combines the aligned effects of all
Business+Communication+strategy=Business communication strategy

8.Communication strategy

When we combine all the three, we understand the Business communication strategy is well explained and self-understood that it is a planned set of activities through which the Business communication plan is prepared to achieve the goals or objectives of the company. What is unsaid here is, Is Business communication strategy is a one-time phenomenon.

Business communication strategy
Business communication strategy drive the Goals

The answer is No, it is a continuous process required in every organization, and is carried out systematically and the corporate department, marketing, and strategy department together work and have a collaborative action plan to decide the Business communication strategy.

Effective communication can help anyone both in their personal as well as official life. In Personal life, it can give us guidance and make us understand different people and different situations.

In official life, it can help us to communicate properly with our colleagues, superiors as well as with customers and other stakeholders of the company. When our communication is clear we are able to get the exact information and it makes us make the correct decision in all the situations.

The best examples are during covid times when employees work in remote locations and are not physically available to meet face to face and discussion becomes important that our verbal and written communication need to convey what we exactly want to convey. Here the effective Business communication plays a key role.

At the same time, a strategy needs to be planned to work for a long period on a work from home concept. For example, if there is a project team of 100 people working in the same office on the same floor may not work now together and maybe working from Home.

There is no social connections and physical interaction and everyone works remotely. Even though work is being done, but still the Business Goals ad strategy needs to be communicated to the entire team in proper perspective, when everyone is at different locations.

What we communicate in an office meeting in a closed room and what we communicate through zoom meetings sometimes may not have the same impact. Sometimes serious aspects are taken or perceived casually and casual aspects may be taken seriously. This is a perfect example of planning how we need to decide the communication strategy.

  • what are the contents of the communication?
  • How do we need to communicate?
  • Is this a serious aspect of communication or just information?
  • How employees need to take responsibility for this communication etc.

The above though the process is what is called a strategy, and apart from contents How to go about in communicating the information, plays a major role in the Business communication strategy.

In the above example, we explained communication between colleagues. The same aspect applies to the customers of the company also, wherein the company needs to communicate in the right way so that the customer is well informed.

For example, let us take a company that provides Nonessential services. There may be customers who are used to meet the customer service executive in person and clarify their doubts. But during covid situations, this may not be possible on a full scale.

The company needs to properly communicate this to their existing customers so that they understand. Even though customers do understand but still there may be a set of customers who may expect proper communication from the company as a matter of routine or a policy. This needs to be an important aspect of Business communication to customers.

9. What is the difference between a communication plan and a communication strategy?

The communication plan is more specific with details of the program to handle the communication with employees, customers, and other stakeholders and it is a detailed and specific plan. Whereas a communication strategy is a solution of what you would like to achieve and where you want to be in the end of the year. It takes you from a particular point to another point., and it is broad in nature, Whereas a plan is very specific in nature.

10. What are the types of communication strategies?

  • Verbal
  • Nonverbal
  • Written
  • Visual
Business communication strategy
types of communication strategy

Verbal is using the language to communicates with another person or group of persons. In an office atmosphere avoiding jargons and speaking a simple language with confidence holds the effective form of verbal communication

Non-Verbal is expressions like gestures, hand movements, facial expressions all are defined under nonverbal.

These are very sensitive and can reflect the mood of the person and may convey different meanings as it is also perceived wrongly. So we need to be selective when we are expressive non-verbally.

Written in all types of communication in writing. In-office environment mail and messaging are considered the most important forms of written communication, Choice of words, tone it conveys, short or long will decide the communication content. We need to follow email etiquette when we consider communicating in a written form.

Visual are graphs, photographs, images that are used to communicate. Normally this becomes part of the main presentation or used as an attachment to explain or elaborate.

The right type of visual enhances the meaning of the communication and it makes the other person or group of people understand better. We often use this in a gathering, when we want to communicate something serious about like a policy or best practices or some useful content to the people.

11. What is the strategic communication plan?

it is normally a written plan which encompasses details of the objectives of the organization communicating to the employees of the Organization.

This will discuss the overall strategy and tactics to be used by the employees of the organization for achieving the organizational goals.

What is the aim of a communication strategy?

well, the aim of a strategy statement will involve a purpose which is like a target. It will be used a commitment given by all the employees and stakeholders of the company in achieving the overall purpose listed in the communication strategy statement.

How do you develop a strategic communication plan?

By carefully analyzing the company goals and objectives we need to draw a communication plan which will be compatible to achieve the goals of the organization, by maximizing the employee potentials with motivation and engagement

12.Corporate communication strategy

In this context, every company must use what is called a corporate communication strategy, which is a framework that is followed by internal employees of the company, suppliers, associates, customers, and other stakeholders of the company. This is designed in such a fashion it improves the brand value, reputation, and trust in the company as such by all stakeholders of the company

Business communication strategy

This framework design focused on whom to influence, how to influence, and what are the contents of the communication strategy for achieving the goals of the company. If the overall business strategy is to increase Business volumes then this is possible only

  • we have employees who work in coordination towards the same.
  •  customers who buy or avail of your services are happy with the product or services
  • All the suppliers believe in giving you the right, quality supplies
  • All stakeholders work in the value chain of the company.’

A business communication strategy should be framed in satisfying all the above., by focusing on creating high caliber employees, trustworthy customers, etc.

when we work on the communication aspects of taking the best brand to customers then we call this a Brand communication strategy.

Brand communication strategy is nothing but understanding the customer perception about the brand and ensuring that your brand value is always respected and scores well with the customers.

It is a continuous process of answering the primary question of How we can improve the brand value by providing happy and memorable experiences to customers? and providing strategies. This requires a separate framework of handling the customers and improving our customer base.

The  Brand is communicated well to the customers predominantly through a well-thought marketing strategy. This is commonly referred to as a Marketing communication strategy.

13.Marketing communication strategy

It encompasses all activities which are carried out to market your product, which includes everything from paid marketing and PR activities which we do to market the product to the right customer. All activities, and How we communicate the same to the customers form part of this overall marketing communication strategy.

Business communication strategywe call this Integrated marketing communication strategy, which consists of

  • Focusing on Brand alignment
  • Focusing on the right customer based on your product
  • Focusing on the appropriate budget for marketing expenditure based on your product

Especially large companies with diverse products will have different types of products and different marketing channels. The overall integrated approach to market these products to various customer segments is known as an Integrated marketing communication strategy.

14.Important aspects of a Marketing communication strategy or Integrated marketing communication strategy

  • Identify your target customers
  • Identify your brand elements
  • Define your USP
  • Explore and define your marketing communication mix
  • Define your key performance indices
  • chart out an Annual execution plan with monthly reviews
  • Execute the strategy

. I would like to end this while Business communication follows a lot of best practices, the most important aspect of this, we have something called as Ethics in Business communication.

15.Ethics in Business communication

As per the International best practices standard, the Business communication to employees and customers should follow the stipulated guidelines. While you can refer to the exact policy book, I would like to here end this blog by sharing with you the most important of these.

  • Being accurate in communicating the information to employees and other stakeholders of the company
  • Practicing Honesty in all communication contents
  • communication content and information to employees and other stakeholders should follow all statutory laws and Government regulations.
  • Giving respect to free speech, all cultures, and all beliefs
  • Following email etiquettes
  • protecting personal information
  • Not exploiting company employees, or stakeholders for personal profit

The above information is not exhaustive but covers some of the pertinent aspects of the Ethics of Business communication strategy.

I am sure the above information would have given you some glimpses and details on what are the various terminologies and relevant meanings of the same which are being used in the Business communication strategy. This is a content of details and we can look at more details on each and every aspect of this elaborately in the next forthcoming blogs. until then bye. Please feel free to leave your comments on this article.






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